A firm specialising
in labour and employment law

Galion is an independent French business law firm dealing exclusively with labour and employment law and specialising in advice, litigation and dispute resolution.

Close to its clients, Galion creates and develops for each of its clients “made-to-measure” solutions adapted to their needs, culture, business and organisation.

Our approach is based on three fundamental points:

  • Technical excellence maintained in a context of increasing legal uncertainty;
  • Pragmatic vision and a strong corporate culture to act effectively; and,
  • Partnership, availability and commitment, essential in creating a close-working relationship.


Last Galion's Newsletter

  • Transfer of the employment contract

    refusal to communicate a QPC concerning the position of the Cour de cassation on the contractual transfer of an employment contract.

    URSSAF inspection

    details on the verification procedure based on sampling and extrapolation.
  • Transfer of the employment contract

    fate of the certificate of deficiency drawn up by the divested company.

    Incentive payment

    value of a reference made to a collective agreement in an employment contract.
  • Employee benefits

    consequence of the absence of information towards employees of the modification of the funding allocation.

    Termination of the employment contract

    validity of the RCC based on economic reasons.
  • Litigation

    promulgation of the Justice reform.

    Leave for parental presence

    relaxation of the conditions for access.
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